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Coloured Eggs – Easter Dyed Eggs from Italy

Today we want to share with you a traditional Easter custom here in Abruzzo, Italy. We are talking about coloured/dyed eggs which we discovered are also common in other countries, how beautiful!

Every year during Easter we go with the family, usually, the Nonna in the mountain’s to hunt for the charactheristic wild herbs and flowers that will be used to dye the eggs.


Ingredients to Dye Eggs

Only natural ingredients are used, the eggs are wrapped around onion’s peel and the carefully placed flowers herbs and then boiled. Below is an example of how fun and beautiful these eggs can be.

Once tied, the families would get together and play ‘Scuccit’, the dialect name for this game where 2 people challenge the strength of their eggs. The one not breaking, will win the competition and in the end, everyone would eat the eggs.

There are is also a challenge for the most beautiful eggs, and some families would keep them home for many years, using them as decorations.


What are your Easter traditions?

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