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You’re in the right place! Before making any travel plans it’s best to get to know the destination better, and we’ve put together an intensive guide on all you need to know when traveling to Abruzzo.

Abruzzo conveniently has its own airport based in the vibrant seaside city of Pescara. The region is also easily accessible by car, train or bus from Rome, Ancona or Naples (the closest cities). If you’re looking at getting into Abruzzo, you can check this useful travel guide.

Absolutely! Whether you’re traveling to Rome, Amalfi coast, Apulia, Tuscany or other parts of Italy, we have connections all over Italy and we are also part of a group of the best 20 operators from each Italian region. When we organize a custom itinerary we take care and connect you with like-minded local experts.

Driving Services and Planning a Custom Tour

We devote a great deal of time and care into preparing each of my customers’ vacations, and that time is valuable. This is why we charge a fee.

Yes indeed, with our vast knowledge and connections we will help you to plan your lifetime trip to Abruzzo and beyond from scratch.

Driving in Abruzzo by yourself is pretty straight forward. The only thing you should take into account is that the roads in Abruzzo will probably have big turns and go up and down hills. Are you fine with that? You can always ask us to provide a professional driver.

We will connect you with English speaking partners and provide an assistant when needed. If you prefer a mix or Italian, not a problem, just let us know.

We can advise where you can rent one based on where you will be staying. If you need a driver we will provide one.


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What Else Do You Need?

What Else Do You Need?