Work the BellaVita's way

Do you believe the world needs a little more inspiration in it these days?

Do you love travelling off the beaten paths?

Do you have passion for what you do?

Are you tired of working for a boring 9to5 office job?

Do you love the South Italian way?

If so – lets have a chat!!


We are an open-minded social-driven community

professional wine tour in abruzzo

What drives us at Experience BellaVita is enthusiasm and passion for food, traditions, art, travels and people. Through these unique experiences, we want to:

  • Let our friends (visitors) have unforgettable moments
  • Give back to what “Madre Natura” has been giving us and respecting it
  • Support the local economy of this small fascinating hamlets that are threatened to disappear forever
  • Reduce the emigration of young passionate folks like us, and bring them back
  • Helping small home-producers

If you think you have something valuable to offer you believe would improve what we are doing, then get in contact now.


Why should you work with us?

hive adoption from italy
  • Fun working environment.
  • Chance to have an impact on the tourism environment of Abruzzo and less developed Italian regions.
  • Improving your CV with new skills and experiences.
  • Getting involved in many processes of a startup.
  • Self-confidence & team working training.
  • Occasional Italian & international dinner with awesome meals.
  • Change to have a holiday in the greenest region in Europe (check this out, we’ll ask that at the interview).
  • Possibility to own Experience BellaVita, acquiring shares in exchange for your contribution.
  • Learn Italiano & Abruzzese, our local dialect.

Do you want to be the change-maker of the future?

Any positions available, If you’ve something to offer drop a note including:

  • A little about you: What do we have to know about you?
  • Two sentences on why you would like to work with us?
  • How you will be able to help us with our mission?
  • One example of failure
  • An interesting/strange fact only a few people know about you
  • Examples, references/links of your previous work