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Abruzzo’s Media Buzz: What the foreign press is saying!

Abruzzo’s Media Buzz - What the foreign press is saying

Discover Abruzzo: Italy’s Best Kept Secret Holiday Destination

Although Abruzzo is still considered an off-the-beaten-track holiday destination, in recent years tourism has steadily grown and caught the attention of prestigious publications abroad.

A perfect location for seaside and mountain-lovers alike, Abruzzo offers excellent food wine and plenty of recreational and cultural experiences.

Abruzzo named as one of Travel and Leisure Magazine’s Best Holiday Destinations of 2022

US-based Travel and Leisure Magazine named Abruzzo as one of 2022’s best holiday destinations alongside others like Alaska, Barbados, and the Galapagos Island, adding that  “Abruzzo has long been one of the country’s most overlooked destinations despite its unspoiled villages, picturesque Trabocchi Coast, and stunning natural escapes.”

National Geographic Features Abruzzo’s Trans-Siberian Railway and Sulmona-Carpinone Route

While National Geographic in 2021 featured Abruzzo’s Trans-Siberian Railway and its Sulmona-Carpinone route. The train dates back to the days of the industrial revolution and with its vintage fixtures including ornate rails, glass lamps, and velvet lining, the interior is a testament to a rich history. “Much like the other towns along the route, Sulmona offers a glimpse of old Italy, with its ancient stone buildings, bustling outdoor markets selling seasonal produce, and lively musicians… Life in these towns is a stark contrast to life on the coast, where beaches draw a constant stream of crowds.”

10 Reasons to Visit Abruzzo: CNN’s Guide to Italy’s New Hot Destination

In a 2018 article CNN sings the praises of Abruzzo via 10 Reasons to Visit Abruzzo, Italy’s new hot destination. Noting it’s idyllic beaches, excellent wines, medieval towns and recreational outdoor activities, to name a few.  Of course Abruzzese cuisine and its regional specialties gets an honourable mention; “With mountains and sea as its strategic borders, fishing and farming are this region’s lifeblood. The cuisine therefore varies significantly from the coast, where seafood dishes are prominent, to the inland areas where legumes and meat – especially mutton and pork – reign supreme. ‘Arrosticini’, thin mutton skewers, are one of its most famous dishes. Simply salted and flame-grilled, they are ordered at family dining tables in the hundreds. Abruzzo also has a long history of pasta-making and has produced handmade ‘spaghetti alla chitarra’ for more than 200 years. This variety of egg pasta is pushed through a wooden contraption that has stainless steel guitar-like strings.”

The Telegraph – The Italian region with beautiful landscapes and ancient villages – but no tourists

UK’s The Telegraph, in its article goes a step further and suggests; “Skip Tuscany and Umbria in favour of Italy’s most underappreciated region.” Of course we couldn’t agree more with the author’s assessment! He goes on to mention; “Travellers are finally learning that its mountains, still the haunt of wolves and bears, are the finest in Italy outside the Alps, that its coast is gloriously wild in places, and that many of its ancient villages are timeless and traditional in the best sense. And if visitor infrastructure is still in its infancy – part of the region’s charm, of course – newer destination hotels are gradually opening, and the food, as ever in Italy, is superlative.” Although, despite this most flattering praise, we draw the line at the author claim’s no one comes to tour Abruzzo’s vineyards! We couldn’t disagree more!

Cheers to Abruzzo: Wine Enthusiast’s Best Region of 2022

Abruzzo is booming in wine tourism and has just won Wine Enthusiasts magazine’s 2022’s prestigious ‘Wine Star Award’ for Best Region of the year!

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