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How to open and serve wine like a professional Sommelier – Use a bottle opener with cork

Have you ever wondered how to open wine with corkscrew CORRECTLY, or better say PROFESSIONALLY?

How many times have you seen a waiter/waitress opening a bottle in the air, on their knee or rotating the bottle?

How many times the waiter/waitress poured the wine from the other end of the table? I can tell you that many times in restaurants even in Italy and the chicest restaurant, you will see a lot of wrong things.

We are not here to complain but to inspire people to increase their wine culture a bit. A bottle of wine is the result of a lot of work (at least 1 year of work), sweat, blood of a winemaker and we think it needs some respect!

So those times when opening a bottle of wine, whether white or red, from Italy or from France, let’s treat that wine as a baby. Let’s not shake it, but take and carry it with slow and elegant movements because that liquid is the sum of 1 year of hard work, suffer, hope, imagination, care, sacrifices, swears and prayers of a winemaker.

Today we are here to learn how to open a wine bottle with corkscrew.

Learn how to uncork wine professionally using a wine cork opener easily

In this video we will show and learn:

  • how to open a wine bottle with a cork like a professional sommelier
  • how to use a wine bottle opener with double lever (2 steps corkscrew)
  • how to pour and serve wine at the table

Video on how to open and serve a bottle of wine

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