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Abruzzo Genealogy Research and Heritage Tours: Discover your Italian Heritage

Abruzzo Genealogy Research and Heritage Tours Discover your Italian Heritage

As proud Abruzzese, we are staunch advocates of Italy’s captivating history and beautifully unique culture and traditions, including our Abruzzese ethnicity. We firmly believe that preserving these treasures involves always remembering our roots, acknowledging the past generations that laid the foundations and established the traditions we proudly uphold today, including our great-grandparents and their ancestors.

Have you ever felt curious about your family tree? Who your great-grandparents’ parents were, and who their parents were? You may have heard of the concept of genealogy. This is all about families, family history and tracing different lineages in a family tree as far back as possible, using specific resources and conducting interviews. The study of genealogy aims to discover who your ancestors are.



In 1940, when Italy formed allegiances at the beginning of World War II, many Italians, including Abruzzesi, left the country in search of better opportunities. In doing so, Italian culture spread outside of Italy and became well-known in other parts of the world for its gastronomy, art, craftsmanship, and even gesticulations. While some Italians returned home, others remained abroad and arranged for their other family members to join them in whichever part of the world they had migrated to. We are inspired by our ancestors, who made enormous sacrifices so that their children and future generations could have better opportunities. The things that Italy is famous for today, such as food, wine, fashion, cars, music and more, is all thanks to our ancestors who spread our culture.



At Experience BellaVita we do extensive research and investigate everything from cemeteries, churches, and town halls in search of important documents and photos. By interviewing local elderly citizens, listening to their stories, and sharing yours, we start to piece together vital information that helps us trace your Italian ancestry in Abruzzo. The fact that we are also from here and speak the local dialect allows us to connect on a more confidential level with citizens, and also enables us to access archives that would otherwise not available to the public.

Conducting the research can take a while, but the more information we gather, the clearer the outcome will be. In some cases, we have been able to retrieve birth certificates from as far back as 1580, photos, and supporting documents that helped shape genealogical trees and reconnect people with existing Italian family members in Abruzzo.

abruzzo birth records



At Experience BellaVita, we are passionate about reconnecting people (our ‘Paesani’ a.k.a. Fellow countrymen) all over the world with their Abruzzo heritage.

abruzzo genealogy

Abruzzo ancestry Research and Heritage Tours Discover your Italian Heritage

Read more heartwarming testimonials of families finding each other, learning about their lifestyles and traditional meals, and discovering their relative’s hometowns and even houses, where they lived generations ago.

Do you think you have Italian ancestry and are curious to know who they are? Let us help you grow out the branches of your family tree with our personalized Genealogy and Ancestry Services.

Live the experiences of your dreams and enjoy a personalized stay in Abruzzo. Discover this Italian region’s many cultural wonders with our variety of tailor-made tours, including winery visits, truffle hunting and, cheese making to name only a few.

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