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Basket Weaving in Italy – Il Cestaio in Abruzzo

basket weaving italy abruzzo
basket weaving italy abruzzo

Behind every handmade basket lies an infinite world of skills and experience of manual ability, also as deep knowledge of nature. The art of weaving is linked to the places and characteristic plants of each territory such as branches of willow, hazelnut, elm, chestnut, olive, and so on.

Ancient Traditions

Moreover, the harvesting and weaving moments depend on respecting the right lunar calendar and the seasonal climate: In this way, the plants get not ruined, and this also prevents the basket from becoming worm-eaten.


The goal is to create useful and durable containers over time. No paint is used to give colour to the artifacts. Instead, the shades are given naturally, depending on the used materials. When and if they break, they go back to nature, decomposing completely with the help of land, water, and wind.


I have distant memories of my Nonno (Grandpa) weaving the baskets when I was a kid. These days, after 40-50 years, we still have and use those baskets at home for picking fruit, truffles, wild mushrooms, vegetables, but also for carrying stuff to a picnic organized during a great sunny day.

Andònje, the Teacher

Have you been always dreaming of learning how to weave the baskets? Also helping to maintain and promote this ancient tradition? For this reason, when I saw Andònje (dialect for Antonio) at the local festival for the first time, I could not resist sitting close to him, observe him and ask Antonio to teach me how to weave a basket. During the first night, I stayed until 2 am, then went back the following day to complete it. About 6-7 hours I learned and made a little basket, which I think my Nonno would be very proud of.

I’m even more excited to keep this tradition alive, by offering this experience where you will LEARN HOW TO MAKE the traditional cesti (baskets).

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