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100$ for the entire spectacular Roccascalegna Castle in Abruzzo, Italy

Roccascalegna abruzzo castle in the sky
Roccascalegna castel, Photo credit to Galasso Gaetano ph

Rent this hidden Italian castle just for $100

Roccascalegna is a medieval town located in the untouched region of Abruzzo, in Central Italy.

Mayor Marcello Giangiordano decided to rent-out this spectacular castle for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other unique events for the ridiculously low price of €100 ($114) per night.

The castle was recently refurbished, and with this price, the Mayor hopes to attract visitors from all over the world to contribute and give new hope to the local economy. This is an excellent opportunity to let people discover this amazing part of Central Italy.

Giangiordano says ‘’Our goal isn’t to raise cash but to use this unique setting to revamp the local economy by luring an elite clientele who loves tiny, offbeat spots’’.


The breathtaking, excellent location

The castle is also known as the ‘Castle in the Sky’ for its magic location setting as it seems like it is hanging off an invisible basalt cliff while admiring the Adriatic coastline on one side and the stunning Majella snowy peaks on the other side. An unspoiled atmosphere for immersing all your senses and getting lost…

Immersed in the ‘Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise’ National Park ‘’Spotlights illuminate the uphill, craggy stone steps and inner gardens. The battlements have protruding iron balconies, glass floors and slit windows that overlook a verdant canyon – an idyllic background for sunset photo sessions’’ (CNN).

The castle and its rooms

The highlights of the 700 sqm castle are many: it holds all you need for almost all type of celebrations. From a stunning chapel for your wedding or as a conference room,  a tower for intimate dining, gardens for ‘al fresco’ aperitivo, dungeons to hidden rooms just for all your needs.

High hills are not recommended for the steep stone path to the castle, it can only be reached by foot, making it even more exclusive.

The beautiful Village

Located in the province of Chieti, in the small village of Roccascalegna, you can venture among the tiny streets in the charming village and find few bars, B&B, a restaurant, and a few happy residents living the ‘Bella Vita’ or sweet life. You can also find houses for sale (to fix), for the unbelievable price of about €20.000 ($22,000).

The legend of the Ghost

An old legend of the Roccascalegna Castle reveals us some secrets: each new bride from the Roccascalegna’s village had to spend her first honeymoon night with Baron ‘Corvo de Corvis’. Because of this harsh medieval tradition, at some point, a husband dressed as a bride and killed the Baron. While dying, he left his bloody handprint on a wall of the tower, which later collapsed. Even though people would try to wash off the blood from the wall, the handprint would keep appearing. Even these days, some elderly of the town claim that they have seen the bloody handprint even after the collapse of the tower.


Where, what is Abruzzo?

pebbles beach abruzzo

Italy is full of treasures to be discovered, and the Abruzzo region is definitely one of its best-kept secrets. Travelers who don’t know what they have missed until they come and experience Abruzzo. Our region is just 1 hour drive from the eternal city of Rome.

Benvenuti in Abruzzo, where the 130 km of the Adriatic coast overlooks the majestic Gran Sasso and Majella mountains. Just a few kilometers away from the sea we step into the real mountain area. The mountains of the Parks, natural reserves, where nature offers extraordinary encounters with bears, wolfs, chamois, and golden eagles, just to mention few. Water springs, narrow valleys and ancient hamlets, sweet hills, and graceful sunsets just for you. You are in Abruzzo!  Sounds Interesting? Then read more on the Abruzzo post.


What are the hidden benefits of renting out this castle?

  • The entire castle and all its rooms you will have just for yourself;
  • You will be surrounded by uncontaminated wild nature;
  • Possibility to spend peaceful moments here. The only noise you will hear is: few children still playing ‘calcio’ (football) in the streets;
  • Venture through the beauties of the greenest region of Europe. Medieval hamlets, old traditions and one of the best gastronomy of Italy;
  • Spend a few days and experience truffle hunting, cheesemaking, cooking classes, visits to wineries, small producers, archaeological sites, and much more.
  • Taste the culinary delicatessens and the best wines of Abruzzo.

The mayor told CNN Travel, “The castle, abandoned for ages, was a ruin where sheep and dogs slept” adding, “Look at it now — it’s a gem.”


Five towns you should not miss nearby Roccascalegna

1. Sulmona

Hidden corners of Sulmona
Ovid’s statue in Sulmona

Sulmona is the home of Ovidio: a poet, a writer of different books as metamorphosis, and the home of the ‘confetti’ (almond coated sweets ), currently exported all around the world.


2. Scanno

scanno old picture of H. Cartier
Photo of Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1951

The town of the photographers: get lost around the village. Also do not forget to try the famous biscotti (biscuits) of Scanno.


3. Villetta Barrea

villetta barrea photo
Villetta Barrea, photo credit:

Mountains, a turquoise lake, nature everywhere, and the middle-age architecture, this is what awaits you here. Place Barrea on the list of top places to visit and enjoy in Italy.


4. Civitella Alfedena

civitella alfedena photo credit luigi re
Civitella Alfedena, photo credit: luigi re

A cultural and natural landmark. If you’re lucky, here is quite easy to spot row deers, wolves, the Marsican bears, and much more. Watch the video of the Marsican bear paying a visit to the town.


5. Tornareccio

abruzzo honey festival
Abruzzo Honey Festival, photo credit:

Abruzzo’s most important honey festival, happening around the 3rd week of September.

Activities to do nearby Roccascalegna

Trabocco – Dinner on the Adriatic seaside

Trabocco Abruzzo, the Italian restaurant on the sea

A Trabocco (‘Il Trabocco’) is one of the most wonderful places on earth. A luxury dining experience on top of the sea, totally immersing your all senses. You won’t forget this experience.

Trabocco Punta Cavalluccio is the one I recommend to try out. There are many others around, feel free to browse them. Please, do not forget to book as early as possible as it’s always very busy. For more info on the Trabucchi, read our dedicated blog post here.


Historic Train

The historical train of Abruzzo, part of the memories and traditions of this region. Traveling on this train, it’s like going back in time and keeping the present at the same place. The views we found on this route are gorgeous and truly delightful. The cultural association, Le Rotaie, organize themed trips, you can find all the train schedules on their website.


Nearby Airports:

  • Rome Fiumicino or Ciampino airports for other international flights are also easily reachable by car or several direct bus lines.


Want to get married or organize an event at the castle?

The official contacts of the Roccascalegna Castle; +39 335 876 7589; or by their email.

I’m not quite sure if they can speak proper English.

However,  if you can’t get help from them, or want to organize a lifetime trip to Abruzzo among nature, history, exceptional food, and amazing local hosts, then do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

With Amore From

Marino Cardelli

Thanks to Gaetano Galasso for the cover’s picture of the Roccascalegna Castle.

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