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What Italians miss the most while living abroad

What Italians miss the most when living abroad

What do you think Italians miss the most when living aboard?

Yes, of course after a nice piatto di pasta and a glass of wine..

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Delicious Habits

Aperitivo time anyone?

If you haven’t been to Italy, you may not know what this is and definitely a great reason to come and experience it, if you have and you are familiar with our beloved Aperitivo, you know how special is it for us
Aperitivo comes from the Latin aperire, the tradition is meant “to open” the appetite before dinner. So yes there are small bites to accompany your drink of choice, whether the traditional spritz of northern Italy (Campari or Aperol for you?) or a glass of your favorite wine
While we say cin cin, we normally snack on olives, chips, nuts or small plates with bruschetta, different types of cheese and deli meats
What’s so special about about this? Well besides the tradition aspect of it, it feels like home for us (and for you too, once you come try it!) and coziness of sitting with friends enjoying a fresh drink with delicious little bites, it is also a time of chats and bonding which can be both therapeutic as we vent out and release all our worries of the day as well as romantic when we remember some of the most special times in our lives or some of our most significant travels

But let’s not make it all just about eating and drinking, although we come one of the most delicious countries in the world

Breathtaking Art

Whether you lived in the US, Asia or other parts of Europe, let’s be honest, nothing compares to the beauty of Italian Art
Have you walked through the Roman forums on a sunny spring afternoon?
With each step you can hear the echoes of the Senate speeches and behind each column of the Colosseum you can feel the power of the gladiators
One of my favorite Churches in Rome is San Luigi nei Francesi, where you can admire one of the most famous Caravaggio, La
Vocazione di San Matteo for free!
Yes you read correctly, for free!

Rome is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, that you will not want to miss while visiting and it is only a short distance from Abruzzo! If you fly to Rome, you can easily take a few days to explore the city with us (yes, we’ll have Aperitivo and we’ll take you to San Luigi nei Francesi 😊) before heading to Abruzzo
There’s something about art that is soothing not only to the eyes, but to our hearts and who doesn’t want to be caressed right there in the heart when coming back home?

If you also wish for your heart to be caressed and eyes to be soothed by beauty, we are here to help!
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