We hate complicated policies. Our updated travel policy is Simple! After all we are all on the same boat – or on the same plane.
If we have to start building a long-term relationship, we must do our best to be respectful to each other. Our covid policy includes but is not limited to 7 warranties.

We’re close to you and we’ve listened to you and implemented an innovative new level of customer care and flexibility to guarantee that if you need to cancel or postpone a trip, you’ll be able to find another time to go on your next, fantastic life-changing experience.


1. Peace of Mind

You might cancel and rebook a trip (at no charge). For example If your flights are cancelled, if borders are closed, if you have symptoms or any other reason, even if you’re worried about covid, you can decide to cancel and rebook up to 14 days prior to your departure date (free of charge).
Exactly, you can change your travel plans 14 days before your departure date! Free of charge! No other company is offering this, read carefully other policies! We can do this as we build long relationships with our suppliers or better say friends!
Only this warranty is worth the price, but we go even further.

2. Pick Any Other Dates in the Future

No limits! We know how important it can be for you to be flexible when travelling, you will be able to pick any other dates in the future.

There is no time limit! We live here and we’ll be here for you!

3. Travel Credit

Yes, but I don’t know yet when I’ll be able to travel again?
These are unusual and uncertain times, don’t worry, we understand that and we will give you a lifetime travel credit to use for the future. You can decide to use it for any of our tours!

4. Lifetime Deposit

Your deposit is valid for the rest of your life!
Oh come on, really!? Yes, we hope you want to join us in Abruzzo sooner or later!
Lifetime Deposits allow any of our guests who are forced to postpone their departure, to keep their original deposit for future usage at no additional cost and without any questions asked.

The Lifetime Deposit policy enables you to preserve your initial deposit (one per person, each booked trip) for an indefinite period of time. We want to do the right thing by our customers and make sure they can still take another trip if their plans change.

5. Transfer Credits & Deposit

Can I transfer my lifetime travel credit and deposit?
Yes, we want you to be free!
Even free to transfer your travel credit and deposit to any other person.
We will not ask any questions, just get in contact with us by using our direct email or our contact form.

Is there any greater way to offer the gift of adventure than to transfer your initial payment to another traveller of your choice!?

Then, don’t say we don’t love you!

6. We go even further

Also, we understand that your preferences in travel might evolve over time, so your Lifetime Deposit is not tied to the itinerary you originally booked. With a Lifetime Deposit, you may pick any of our tours.

7. 100% Money Back Guaranteed

If for any reason you change your mind, you will receive 100% of your money back, up to 120 days before the tour departure date.

Today travelling is easier than ever! You can quickly book a tour online with a multinational company who pays little money to local partners, or you can choose to travel responsibly and choose to experience Italy with a local company, with Experience BellaVita.

BellaVita’s Values

Something like BellaVita’s Values are about us being humans after all. For us this is the norm!

If you were to cancel or postpone your travel with us for very serious reasons, even beyond the 14 days window from departure (it happens!) We will do all our best to give you a full travel credit!

We build strong relationships with our partners and they know that sometimes it can happen. Although we agree with them for a 14 days window for free-cancellations, we can still talk to them and see if there is a chance for a credit.

We’ll sit together with you over a call, discuss what happened and at our discretion determine if your situation can be proposed for a travel credit with our partners.

Policy Validity

This policy is effective on bookings made by 30th April 2022, on travel departing between 1st January 2022 and 31 December 2023.
In other words, if you make a deposit/payment for a tour departing in 2022 & 2023 before the 30th of April 2022, you will have access to this policy and benefits.

Still thinking about it? Then secure your spot with a lifetime gift card.

Why are we doing this?
We know that 2022 will be a tough year for the travel industry, 2020 & 2021 have been tough. We want our destination, Abruzzo, to grow and inspire more conscious travellers to travel authentically with local enthusiastic travel experts – to discover and bond with our local friends, our traditions. Yes for us, travel is our job, but also our life and our future.

Grazie! Thank you for your support!

Food Enthusiast & Director
at Experience BellaVita
Marino Cardelli


Current Covid19 Cases in Abruzzo

If you would like to check the current situation in Abruzzo and nearby, please visit the following link.

Through this link you will get a 14 days overview of covid cases in the Abruzzo Region as well as new cases from the previous day.

For the full and up to date policy, please visit our terms & condition page.

If you have any concerns, please contact us by email or our contact form.