Chitarra Pasta Cutter From Abruzzo (Second Hand)

Since we received many requests, we’ve asked a local artisan to make the chitarra frame & string especially for us, respecting the traditional size from Teramo with narrower strings. (about 1 millimeter)

Pasta Guitar Materials - Made for lifetimes

We wanted a chitarra that would last for not just 1 but many more lifetimes so that you can hand down your chitarra to your kids and grandsons, like the old ones. That is why our chitarra is unique and cost more than the others. We had many experiences of people who bought different chitarra and were not satisfied until they got this one. The chitarra is completely hand-made from scratch using locally sourced beechwood and a strong stainless steel wire.
  • The wire is made of stainless steel (stronger than others in commerce)
  • The structure is very sturdy

30 Day Money back guarantee

That's is why we are offering you a 30 days money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days you can send us back the chitarra and we will refund you.

Double-Sided Guitar Cutter

Don't get bored, make the chitarra or fettuccine, two sides:
  1. traditional thin guitar cutter (about 1mm)
  2. fettuccine cutter

Help the Local Artisans

By buying this chitarra you will not only own a unique piece for centuries but you will contribute to the local economy, keeping the local artisans alive.

Personalize Your Guitar Pasta Cutter

This guitar comes with the writing 'Chitarra Teramana - Experience BellaVita' and to give an extra edge to the chitarra, we will draw and personalize every single pasta guitar (for a small fee) with your name of choice (with a pyrograph) so that you can take home a unique piece of Abruzzo with you. If you want the personalization, please choose the 'Personalized Chitarra Teramana' instead of this.

Important (Read Before buying)

This chitarra are referred as (Second Grade) because they were used by us for a very short time and then substituted with the second editions The are working chitarre, but we exchanged them to have all the same version during our chitarra pasta cooking courses.