Handmade Cooking Tools

Handmade cooking tools from Abruzzo, like the traditional wooden spaghetti alla chitarra pasta cutter personalized with your name.

hand made guitar pasta cutter from abruzzo italy
sturdy artisanal chitarra pasta cutter from abruzzo italy


Adopt a beehive from Abruzzo, Italy. Receive raw honey from your own hive in Abruzzo to your door.

beehive adoption from abruzzo
esperienza con api

Food Experience Boxes

A selection of the finest Enogastronomic products that tell the story of the producers, where they come from and the generations of tradition & knowledge used to produce them here in the earth of Italy. Wine, wholemeal pasta, truffles, saffrons, passata, traditional liquors, extra virgin olive oil, raw honey and jam are some of the products we’ve selected.

vita food box subscritption from abruzzo

What Else Do You Need?

What Else Do You Need?